Reasons For Bad Customer Experiences

Every now and then bad customer experiences happen. I’d like to believe no (sane) organisation goes out of its way to deliver these. I’m lucky that this doesn’t happen to me often but when it does it feels like I’m being back paid. One of these not so nice experiences got me to write down […]

On Great Customer Care And Support

One of the biggest and worst reasons businesses fold is bad customer care and or support. One of my pet peeves is bad customer care. The last three words of the last sentence should never exist in the same sentence, but sadly they do. I had one of the least desirable customer experiences. We moved […]

Leadership And Management: There IS A Difference

When the longstanding debate on whether management and leadership are different, it is normally in favor of one. It is, most of the times, a way to knock either in exaltation of the other. This post is not to serve that purpose. It is to highlight the differences and perhaps, a little more. Leadership defines […]