Reflecting On Coaches

Many things trigger reflection for me. Someone says something, a statement in a book, road trips. I’ve just been watching a TV series, which highlighted the role and importance of coaches. This got me reflecting on coaches in my life. I’ve had many coaches at different times in my life. All them made unique contributions to my life.

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The Problem With “What Would You Have Done Differently?”

“What would yo have done differently?” is a question often asked by those wanting to unlock some hidden ’secret’ to success. Normally posed to people who have attained significant success (whatever it is). Sometimes we asked ourselves the same questions as we reflect.

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How You’re Messing Up Accountability

When something or its purpose is not understood, it is likely to be misused and abused. Accountability is one of those misunderstood this and, as a result, not practiced well.

This is how you’re messing up accountability:

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