Ditch The Superfluous

I mean, seriously?! I have lamented about how stupid “poke” is in Facebook. What I find more absurd is that it still lives on. One day someone poked me and I was shocked that the “poke” feature still existed. But why? Did I mention, after expressing my shock that “poke” still existed I start getting […]

@BlackBerryZA’s #Fail and @Twitter’s Next Frontier

Of all the promoted tweets I’ve seen in my feed I’ve never felt sorry for BlackBerry (or is it) one of South Africa’s campaigns. #BlackBerry #Z10 #Q10 or #Q5? Which one do you have your eye on? http://t.co/hXokQ4zlis — BlackBerry SA (@BlackBerry_ZA) September 13, 2013   For the most part there isn’t a problem with […]

Pressgram: More Than Control

Update: Pressgram is out of commission now. However, the post is still worth reading in the ownership of photos and works debate and thinking. Pressgram is more than a photo, filter app. It combines the power of great photo filters and publishes to WordPress blog / site. This is great because I get the page views […]

Social Media and The Law In South Africa | Who Owns Followers?

Last night 27 Dinner rocked. Not that it never rocks, but because it touched a nerve on one of the most pertinent issues as far as social media and the law in South Africa are concerned. I had many thoughts, as i’m sure many others had, after the discussion. I thought I’d write them down […]