Archaic: Determinants Of Irrelevance

It’s probably been years since I looked, well even glanced at the classifieds. What went through my mind: that some people still place ads there means there are some who read it? Some have to place ads in the classifieds because the law requires such notifications for estates to be settled. How relevant is that […]

The Things Adversity Helps

They are called “tests” for a reason. They have to challenge resolve, understanding and a lot of other things, to extremes. They are called challenges because they help gauge strength, while exposing areas of vulnerability. When we and or the ‘products’ we make prevail, we (and the products) are considered worthy. Too many miss the […]

Relevance and Viability

I can’t remember the last time I bought a (traditional / hard copy) magazine. Blogs are my thing. I like the convenience of reading and accessing many on one device. Some publications have gone digital but for some reason I still find magazines, as in their format and presentation a little ‘plastic’. I can’t give […]

Winter Blue #DP365

I love these winter blues… What beauty in the restlessness of this blue. There’s always something to appreciate. Oh, how we lose sight of much beauty around us when our focus is expended on the adverse! In this cold there’s beauty. In failure there’s lessons and victory. In adversity there’s strength developed. Through toil and […]

Some Questions: This Lemonade

There are those questions we all ask… For instance: “of all sodas made, WHY is this one only available in 200ml and not 340ml as well?!” Perhaps this company doesn’t realize opportunity. Maybe they they make more money this way? Do all these questions matter. How deeply can or should I about this? I suppose […]