What Having A Big Budget Doesn’t Guarantee

I just watched a movie, which clearly had a huge budget. The cast: star-studded. I’m talking many award actors. Huge film companies backing. And, it was a colossal fail. Before watching it, I wondered why I hadn’t heard anyone talk about the movie. Having the size budget (huge) they had didn’t make them immune to […]

Two Key Differentiators For Success Of Any Enterprise

There are many enterprises with similar missions. Those missions expressed differently but still the same. The reason you have many restaurants, making similar food, for instance, is that there are equally many people who love the same food done somewhat differently. The existence of many organisations is evidence there are many people who need to be served. […]

You’re A Conformist And So Am I

There are people who believe and live as if they’re. Conformists I mean. They are very aware of how others are confirming; selling out. How those people settle into a mold. The justification is just as relevant as fact that they are conformists. The thing is, you’re a conformist. You’re settling into a mold. One […]

Things That I Know Will Happen But Still Surprise (or Scare)

I know the toast is going to pop up and I’m expecting it to, and it still gives me a fright. Living and leading is like that. There are those inevitable things you’ll never shake off. Challenges and disappointments are inevitable. Knowing that some things will happen for sure is not synonymous with pessimism. Expecting […]

Archaic: Determinants Of Irrelevance

It’s probably been years since I looked, well even glanced at the classifieds. What went through my mind: that some people still place ads there means there are some who read it? Some have to place ads in the classifieds because the law requires such notifications for estates to be settled. How relevant is that […]