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Emails and social media are a very inevitable part of our lives. As I was going through my emails this morning I realized something. Some of the emails I started by responding to were from people that I were looking to network with me and other people in making some things happen. I also realized that besides the team(s) I work with in the office to make things happen, I also work with larger teams out of the office to make some of the “in-office resolutions” happen. My contribution is important for the success of the teams I’m a part of.

Every puzzle piece is not as important as the puzzle itself, but the puzzle is incomplete without it.  My success is not solely dependent on my competence, attitude and hard work. I need to be able to function in the context of my team. Not only that, there are other teams, externally that I need to be able to relate to. Often times I have to “resource tap” from other team networks outside my immediate one. My ability to be a successful unifier across “networks” will be key. Numerous people do a lot of things right  Thus an important key to success is being a team player, in both internal and external contexts.

There are a couple of implications:

  • Paying attention to maintaining relationships and clear channels of communication is paramount. We need to be careful that we are carefully maintaining the “machine” i.e. team that helps make things happen. It is easy to be results and or goals driven at the expense of the team and the individuals that comprise it.
  • And, as an individual I need to ensure that I am fitting into the puzzle (team) as I should be and that I am facilitating others being able to do the same. It is easy to look at others and try to figure out what their role is in clogging, the ‘production line’ is and forget that I could be a significant part of the challenge. Your team’s success is also dependant on your ability to be honest with yourself and courage to own & address your part in the team’s failure.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success – James E. Hunton

Your thoughts?

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