What People Aren’t Anticipating In Mayweather vs Pacquiao Fight

So many predictions are on: who will win. Everyone showing the slightest interest has an opinion and prediction. This fight, at least for me, is the biggest one since Tyson vs. Holyfied. An interesting thing, though, is that peoples’ predictions on the outcome are mostly around who they think will win.

To Enable Commenting Or Not On Comments And Blogging

After quoting John Saddington on a this brilliant piece he wrote: The Ambition Of Writing, he responded on Twitter with this: @blessingmpofu love that. thank you. btw, i’ve moved on from disqus comments. thoughts on that? — John Saddington (@saddington) December 23, 2014 When he asked I realised I had thought (a lot, at different times) about …

There’s A Wrong Way Of Being Right

I’ve said it before, the truth is a beautiful thing. Nothing taints truth like delivering it with malice and egotistical motives. In both life and leadership we tend to place a high value on it, if it is on our side. I don’t know anyone who loves being ‘wrong’.

Nostalgia On My Old Bands And Music We Made

Earlier in the week I spent the day in great company as they retold some shared memories. I love stories. Great and well told stories. Later, in the same day I chatted to another friend about music and being part of a band. I shared some stories around about that from my younger days. I …

#08 and #07: The Top 10 Blog Posts Of 2013

Check out which posts made number nine and ten of 2013 here. The countdown continues: #09: How To Silence The Critics   Critics and criticism are inevitable. The most respectable people are the ones who attempt something. If you’re going to do anything significant you will face the critics. This post was addressed that. Check …