Books I Read In 2013

Reading is one way of getting knowledge or wisdom without going through some of the things others have. I read as an important part of my personal growth. Whether blogs or books, I’m generally suspect of anyone, leaders in particular, that don’t read as part of their growth regimen. I thought I’d share some of …

Not Always Others’ Faults

Parsley just can’t understand why I’m upset with her and don’t want her in the house. She’s probably wondering what’s wrong with me and why I’m, “being so mean”. Lesson: before we blame other people for how they act toward us, we must first check ourselves.


Followers naturally respond better to bold statements, decisions and actions compared to indecisiveness. Supporters you cause are accelerators. As easily as they can help build momentum for the cause you lead, a lack of boldness can make them part of the machinery that destroys your momentum, discrediting your leadership and ultimately the cause.