Two Key Differentiators For Success Of Any Enterprise

There are many enterprises with similar missions. Those missions expressed differently but still the same. The reason you have many restaurants, making similar food, for instance, is that there are equally many people who love the same food done somewhat differently. The existence of many organisations is evidence there are many people who need to be served. […]

#08 and #07: The Top 10 Blog Posts Of 2013

Check out which posts made number nine and ten of 2013 here. The countdown continues: #09: How To Silence The Critics   Critics and criticism are inevitable. The most respectable people are the ones who attempt something. If you’re going to do anything significant you will face the critics. This post was addressed that. Check […]

Keeping Perspective On Leadership As A Function

In an earlier post I highlighted the potential demise of leaders when they confuse the attention they get from those they lead. Leaders must never mistake the attention they get, as focus on them but realise that it is to enable they function, which, ultimately is to see vision realised for the enterprise they lead. Keeping […]

You Will Be Frustrated When You Don’t

  Leadership is inherently forward-looking. When leaders don’t actively do so, frustration is inevitable. Lack of innovation and stagnation is a result of leaders NOT looking ahead [Click to Tweet] Leader, It’s stone to lift your head and eyes. Look ahead. Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/.  

Here: Spell It Out

I have spelt it out before, communication is a very important part of leading change. In fact, whatever change you seek to bring about is not going to happen well, if at all without communication. While I wrote about the importance of communicating as a critical tool of leading change, I felt it necessary to highlight […]