Laughs On Technology

Technology is so embedded into our lives; a part of us. It is a natural extension of ourselves in the way it helps us communicate and relate to each other. It’s almost senseless how our happiness can be on the basis on how well our devices, the Internet and even social media platforms, work. Flat […]

The Things Technology Can’t Do For Me

It’s embarrassing to admit that I sometimes find myself getting frustrated by that I can’t find my car keys or socks and can’t Google to locate them. (Google, if you’re reading this can you do something about the locating my socks?) Technology is a great enhancer and enabler. Apps and devices are great tools. Like […]

Technology, Leadership and Futurism

Graeme Codrington spoke at 27 dinner about the third wave of [digital] technology. I won’t go much into the “waves” aspect of it. Think about the evolution of technology from, say, the industrial revolution. Consider the game changer of the assembly line in Ford’s factory. Revolutionary.