With the post, Looking Back Move Forward, I started an untitled series on pivoting or managing transition. One of the things I led with in that post was that change is inevitable. We have to navigate is somehow. Thinking about the future used to scare me more in my younger years. I’ve learned to be more chilled with time. Speaking to another friend in transition made me think about why the future can seem intimidating.

Again, this applies to life and leadership. You can always contextualise. I’m sharing thoughts as I, with others, pivot. Onto why the future can seem intimidating:

How, When…

The future, in general, can strike fear because of uncertainty. Somehow people tend to feel more confident about the future when there’s certainty. This post is not about whether this is right or wrong. I think I need to add: people have fear because of a lack of absolute certainty.

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In one way or another, our control is limited. We’ll never have absolute control. Even if we had absolute control of every, single, possible factor, we don’t have absolute competency. Even if you could control everything, you don’t have the ability to.

As you navigate transition, to a fair extent, resign to the fact that you have limitations. This is not about hopelessness or despair. It is a matter of focus. Knowing your limitations should set you free to pour your energies in things you can control.


Resources, money usually being primary, can create a false sense of security as well. I’ve accumulated money, and other resources and at the verge of a new venture lost everything. I’m not the only one. Some people get swindled of their businesses. Economies take the plunge.

Don’t get me wrong, it is always favourable to have means. However, the future can seem intimidating when you don’t think you have adequate means to engage it. That’s why we invest, take out insurance and such.

Do your best to be prepared. Your win can only come from working with what you have. Where you are, what you have right now are the raw materials for building your next. If you have little, whatever that is, it just means you need to apply yourself all the more.

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Absolute uncertainty is a myth. You’re not set always set because you have much and equally not doomed with less.

Take the time to calibrate. Look back. Take stock; where are you? What do you have?

[image by  Jean-Frederic Fortier via Unsplash]

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