An Important Reminder For Creators

Here’s an important reminder for creators… I’m now testing the latest iteration of Desktop Publishing Machine (DeskPM). As one of the alpha testers and get to not only discover and report bugs and stuff, but I get to go first and be a part of defining and building something significant. There’s an important message for anyone making or […]

Relevance and Viability

I can’t remember the last time I bought a (traditional / hard copy) magazine. Blogs are my thing. I like the convenience of reading and accessing many on one device. Some publications have gone digital but for some reason I still find magazines, as in their format and presentation a little ‘plastic’. I can’t give […]

Saying Someone’s “No” – Self Robbery

Nothing significant is ever achieved in isolation. You need others and, likewise, they need you. No man or enterprise is a piece of land surrounded by water. We all have everything we need to do things that matter. We just don’t have them all within ourselves. Thus, we are sometimes at the mercy of others […]

Four Sources For Blog Post Ideas You’re Overlooking

Every (serious) blogger has times when blog post ideas evade him. Great bloggers don’t restrict blog post ideas to “office hours”. They search for them ideas wherever they go. Most fail at blogging because they just can’t bring themselves to keep searching or attempting to write till something happens. Some want to blog but never […]

Why I Want To Go First

So, I made it into the alpha testers of the DeskPM (Desktop Publishing Machine)! Woot! I’m writing and will publish this post using this, so far very cool, and writing inspiring app. It is clean. Simple and no distraction writing app. From Pressgram to this, John is onto something… Anyway, I was thinking about what […]