Fear Of Missing Out (aka F.O.M.O) And Transition

Transitions, whether caused or imposed, can have a certain, “Fear Of Missing Out” aka “F.O.M.O.” to them. One of the reasons people fear committing to new ventures is fear of missing out on something else. As life and reality would have it, one can only be fully present in a few endeavours or contexts at […]

Ideas About Ideas [#DP365]

We often have ideas about ideas… Meetings about meetings. Brainstorming about brainstorming. Strategizing about strategizing. This has to do with “servicing” those things that serve us and or our mission. We must remember to pay attention and enable the processes that enable us. Innovation and productivity means making sure that those things that make them […]

One Of The Best Ways To Brand Yourself On The Internet | Part 1

I’ve written about branding a little ;-) As people and organizations, we want to project ourselves in a way that we want to be identified and loved for whatever end we have in mind. I’m not against brand promotion (whatever that is), however, I’m about being truthful in how we project who we are what […]

Books I Read In 2013

Reading is one way of getting knowledge or wisdom without going through some of the things others have. I read as an important part of my personal growth. Whether blogs or books, I’m generally suspect of anyone, leaders in particular, that don’t read as part of their growth regimen. I thought I’d share some of […]

Cost and Value Mismatch

Cost and value. These two are related but often mistaken for each other. The cost of something has to do with what it takes to attain or posses it. Value has to do with its worth. Cost doesn’t determine value per se. Both are very subjective. One of the main reasons is that value is […]