Communication | Leading A Frustrated Team [Part 6]

This is post number six in the series on leading frustrated teams. Leaders are proved in times of unrest. Captains are tested by stormy seas and disgruntled crews. You haven’t led until you’ve led in times of unrest. Unrest in the environment your enterprise works and unrest with your team. To effectively lead a frustrated […]

An Overlooked Dynamic In Assessing Meeting Effectiveness

The worst thing any leader could do is miss opportunities for learning. Being among more seasoned leaders in a series of meetings this week taught me a lot. Meetings are only worth what they produce. Justification for spending time and other valuable resources for meetings is when meetings help move you closer to goals and vision. […]

The Benefits of Not Being Agreed With

Only naive leaders think and expect everyone to agree with. When your team or other leaders disagree with you it doesn’t mean there’s no unity. Unity is about believing in the same cause. On careful examination you will see that your disagreements are often centred on execution issues. Herewith are a few benefits of not […]

Cool | Leading A Frustrated Team [Part 3]

This is part three of in the series on Leading Frustrated Teams. Check out the second post here. Teams get their cue from their leaders. Those following you see you as the mold they need to fit into. Those you serve, as a leader, learn to celebrate your enterprises’ wins from you. They learn to take the hits […]

Hear | Leading a Frustrated Team [Part 2]

This is the second post in the series on Leading Frustrated Teams. Check out the first post here. Ignoring your team’s frustration will more than hurt your team’s morale but the pursuit of your cause. In an earlier post in this series, I covered the problem of ignoring your teams’ frustration. You cannot solve what […]