Two Questions | Why You Must Love Obscurity

Obscurity can feel like a curse. In a sense it is. The thing is, whatever we create, we create with the intention of making some sort of difference. Whether you’re a creative or leader, nothing you ever create will make a difference unless you release to do so. This means letting your work out. It […]

Structure | Why You Must Love Obscurity

An earlier post I did on loving obscurity, focused on obscurity as a place to get better. Check out “Wine | Why You Must Love Obscurity” here Not taking advantage of your season of obscurity in pursuing dreams or vision robs you of greater opportunities when the break you hope for comes. Obscurity can be […]

Wine | Why You Must Love Obscurity

I was privileged to be a part of a Backstage Leadership class, where we got to interact with some very great minds and people. Many sessions were very challenging from leaders that had proven themselves. One of the classes I won’t forget in a long time, if at all, was with Jon Acuff. Jon is […]