Human Rights Day In South Africa

Nelson Mandela‘s words… Hmm… Today is human rights day in South Africa. The challenge of holidays is holding healthy tension between the rest / time off AND keeping their integrity. For South Africa it is a day to remember the Sharpeville massacre where sixty nine people were killed as students protested an injustice of their […]

“It’s Never Us”; The Death Of Integrity And All That’s Right

There has never been a time in history that leaders have been this under scrutiny. Information technology has undermined privacy to the benefit of the masses, in some regard. Scandalous dealings are unveiling and broadcasted to the entire world almost immediately. Political leaders and celebrities already have the attention of many. Social media magnifies their […]

Why I’m Not Afraid Of Dying And What I Fear The Most

I’m not ruled by a fear of death. The truth is I do have a fear… Why I’m not afraid of dying and what I fear the most? (I’m writing this some hours after Nelson Mandela’s death. I’ve had this post in the drafts and thought this might be the time to brush the dust […]

Shattering The Status Quo Starts Here

Making a significant change, doing things that matter starts with answering simple questions. Because revolutions tend to cause drastic changes we assume that arriving at those changes will be equally dramatic. Yes and no. Big change starts with things we do consistently. Daily. Great change is often a process whose outcome is usually only visible […]