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A Blog Post About An Important Blog I Wrote

I haven’t written as much as I would’ve loved over the last few years. I’ve shared some of the reasons I write are here, here and here. Those are not all the reasons, just some. Writing is one of the things I’ve had a desire and, I guess, a fair aptitude for, for as long as I can remember. This is a blog post about an important blog I wrote.

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Inspiring Others To See Their Dreams Through Me

Inspiring others to see their dreams through me…

Misty Copeland is now the principal ballerina at The American Ballet Theatre. Being a professional ballerina is an achievement many hope for but few achieve. This is because it is not easy. I don’t know a lot about ballet but I appreciate the art. Besides talent, it takes hard work and a lot of beating of one’s body.

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Are We Destroying History Or Building The Future?

There’s so much happening around the world. With some of the things going on I’m wondering: Are We Destroying History Or Building The Future?

The killings at the Emanuel AME Church members in Charleston have stoked a furore of debates. America (and the world) is in debates about race and history. There’s also a raucous about the confederate flag.

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Beyond Ourselves

We love these kind of stories. This is a story about one person becoming a hero while making the dream of another come true. It is in the moments we decide that people are more important than our own pride that we get to make a difference that matters. Acting beyond ourselves is something humanity has always, and always be moved by and celebrated.

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Estelle Laughlin On The Dark Past And Responsibility For The Future

Memory is what shapes us. Memory is what teaches us. We must understand that’s where our redemption is. It is not enough to curse the darkness of the past. Above all, we have to illuminate the future