The Obstacles You Don’t Have To Tolerate | Excuses

There are such things as ‘invalid excuses’. Excuses love validation and justification. At the same time they will get in the way, if you let them.   The extent to which you tolerate excuses is the extent to which the status quo will prevail. Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/. What are some of the excuses that you’ve tolerated? How have […]

Why You Might Never Change Anything Let Alone The World

You have potential to change your enterprise, the world it serves and the world at large. A sad truth: while you the ability to change the world you might never. This is not because you don’t get the funding that you need to get your non-profit off the ground. Or to go somewhere in the world […]

Why You Must Fall In Love With Frustration

Don’t make the mistake many make. They think frustration is a bad thing. Not so. At least not all frustration is bad. Frustration is generally associated with being overwhelmed. It can also be connected with not being competent for tasks and their demands.

Why You Have No Power To Make Your Vision Happen

There is not one thing that determines whether your vision happens. Wait. There is one thing that determines whether you fulfill your vision. More in a moment… Pursuing your cause involves bringing together many things to make one machine. It involves bringing together a team, finding resources and getting word out about who you are […]

Disdain: A Lesson From Abraham Lincoln

There’s a lesson from Abraham Lincoln’s legacy to learn. He dared to look down on people and circumstance that discouraged him. He did what a significant number of Americans were against when he declared the emancipation of slaves. He dared to drive change with the heart of uniting a nation and setting precedence for the […]