Disagreed With | You’re Not Ready To Lead IF

You cannot be a great leader if you want everyone to like you. Stepping up to lead is like painting a bull’s-eye on yourself. It is opening yourself up to scrutiny by, well everyone. You will have those who support you in everything. Always. All the way. Then there are the critics.

Every Innovator Feels… Well, Naked

When you decide to stop hiding in the shadow. To shatter the comfort of the status quo, you will be noticed. You’ll be noticed at some point… If you don’t get notice now but continue to respect and love your cause enough to keep at it, there will come a time you will be noticed. […]

The Every-Little-Thing Syndrome

When you set out on a new venture, everything often demands the attention of the founder or main leader. There is nothing that he cannot aware to be ignorant about. The clearer the vision the bigger it is. The more detail you clearly see from a distance the more work it will take to happen. […]

How Predictable Leaders Empower Teams

One of the best gifts leaders can give their teams is predictability. Being predictable leaders has connotations of being bland and boring for some. This is because they don’t understand it and the contexts it should apply. Predictability is a way of giving responsibility to your team. When there are recurring situations and you make […]

Break It Down

When managing change it is easy to get overwhelmed. Often, this is when heretic leaders start second guessing themselves. Change will have moments when it feels impossible. Every leader feels overwhelmed when they consider the magnitude of their assignments and responsibility. John Maxwell rightly says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. This reality makes many leaders […]