No Clue | Confessions Of A Leader

One of the things you can never separate from leading is decision-making. It is giving direction and navigating anticipated and never imagined scenarios. Teams and organisations, by default, look to leaders for guidance. With that in mind I make a confession for leaders all around the world: Sometimes we have no clue what we’re doing or […]

Here: Spell It Out

I have spelt it out before, communication is a very important part of leading change. In fact, whatever change you seek to bring about is not going to happen well, if at all without communication. While I wrote about the importance of communicating as a critical tool of leading change, I felt it necessary to highlight […]

getting dirty: the role of leadership

Clean leaders aren’t good leaders. i’m not talking about issues related to character, i’m talking about the nuts and bolts of leading. leadership has a lot to do with popping the hood when things aren’t working. it has to do with getting hands dirty to identify things affecting performance of their terms or organizations. related: […]

Change It

Complaining leaders aren’t great to be around. Neither are they healthy for moving teams forward as well as realizing vision. Complaining leaders, and teams, give too much power to what they complain about. In a sense, what we continually complain about owns us. Goal focused leaders know to change something when they are not happy […]