Followers naturally respond better to bold statements, decisions and actions compared to indecisiveness. Supporters you cause are accelerators. As easily as they can help build momentum for the cause you lead, a lack of boldness can make them part of the machinery that destroys your momentum, discrediting your leadership and ultimately the cause.

More Space and Less Things

I enjoy spending time with Ingrid. (Just as well, she’s my wife! :)) Counting the number of conversations we’ve had would be a futile exercise. A few days ago we spoke briefly about space and things in our home. It was not a long conversation but, for me, turns out to be one that I […]

Dealing With The Ghosts Of My Predecessors

I shared about the ghosts of my predecessors I encountered… In the previous post on this, I stated that I’ve not always been the pioneer but a successor. Learning to deal with some of the things we encounter as successors has a significant bearing on what our leadership in the new team or organization will be […]