Useless Critique

For anything to become greater, you have to not only identify its limitations. Whether it’s a team, a system or a product, it will never be any greater without it being critically looked at. ‘Critical’ has become a synonym, for mean or nasty.

Make It Obvious

Leadership is not overrated. Don’t believe or even listen to anyone who tells you less. Leaders and the roles they play are necessary. Without leadership in the sense and in practice, a lot falls apart. In fact, organizations start falling apart at leadership level before getting undone anywhere else. This is because leadership holds everything […]

Really Understanding Change Better; Change Is…

Initiating and leading change is the heart of heretic leadership. Change is most meaningful and significant when it is caused and not imposed by the environment. Great leaders are great friends with change. Change is not competition or a goal but a means that must never be laid down. Change creates and destroys. Worthwhile change […]

Paying Homage to Culture

Change is inherently contrary. To change your world, the world, you must be comfortable going against the culture in which you or your cause exists. Why must you pay attention to the culture? The Answer is rather simple. Because culture is what sustains anything. Paying homage to culture is about understanding its impact and how […]