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Books And Words: How Dad Tricked Me And Lessons For All Of Us

Dad tricked my siblings and I when it comes to reading as a habit. This is why I read. A lot. From blog posts to books. Being a little more grown up, I appreciate it. He took us to the bookstores, and besides our textbooks, bought extra reading material for us. He made us value […]


The Best Person To Ever Happen To Me

The best person to ever happen to me is my wife, Ingrid. I’m better because of her. I’m grateful she said, “yes”. And just when I thought I could never love anyone more I fall even deeper in love with her. I thank God for her. Who’s the best person to ever happen to you? […]


Understanding… Life

Life is simple and complex. Life is, well, life and death. Pain and healing it is. Life is sad and happy. It is fulfilling and meaningless. It makes sense and doesn’t. Most people die trying to figure out this paradox of paradoxes. Some either as a way of life or occasional, temporal resignation live the […]


Chillin’ With Family

Helping Ma, my mother in law setup her me Samsung S4. Love hanging with family. Somehow my weekends have more meaning and are fulfilling when I connect with family. What are some of the things that make your weekends? Published via Pressgram

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Really? All In The Name Of Truth And Honesty

Too many crimes are committed in the name of honesty and truth. Some people claim to be very open people because they always speak the truth. They claim they are honest in dealing with people when they don’t like something. That is what they say. There are times I may have also used their language. […]