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Standards – Me, You, Them & God

Organizations, and people in general, determine how good a service or product is based on other products or services of similar nature. Your claim to superiority may just be an admission that you recognize your competitor (in whatever form) as a threat. It is normal to check reviews for products or delivery in other areas […]

Church Leadership Vision

The Church Of 2020 – An Excerpt

The Church [of 2020] will not back away from big issues or hide within a comfortable Christian sub-culture. It will see itself as having responsibility for the state of its city, rather than simply the condition of its members. The church of 2020 will recognize that it has an internal culture and celebrate – but […]

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Who’s Glory Is It Anyway?!

Our true motives for doing thing often surface when it is time for credits… How much they mean to us is often a window into the “why” we do things. I think John the Baptist was clear on why he did what he did and never lost sight of it. 7-8As he preached he said, […]

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The Language of True Conviction

Over the next few days I’ll be at the Youth for Christ Africa Pioneering Conference. The heart of the conference is pioneering. Specifically, reaching the young people of the African continent with the message of Christ. It is humbling to be part of history in this way. As I interact with leaders from across the […]

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Confidence For The Ministry Leader

Leadership can be challenging, especially in times where none of those we lead express confidence in us. What can be even a greater challenge is when you, as a leader, have no confidence in your leadership either! Those we lead can lose confidence in our leadership perhaps due to a series bad decisions. Perhaps from […]