Archaic: Determinants Of Irrelevance

It’s probably been years since I looked, well even glanced at the classifieds. What went through my mind: that some people still place ads there means there are some who read it? Some have to place ads in the classifieds because the law requires such notifications for estates to be settled. How relevant is that […]

A Proper Understanding Of Commitment

This surfer dude aptly captures the essence of commitment. This is from a proper understanding of commitment. Commitment making the decision that any other decision is to make what you’ve signed up for happen [Click to Tweet] It means changing your mind or backing down is not an option. It means everything else must bow […]

Less Distraction, Thinking / Processing

I normally do my writing and most of my talk prep on my MacBook Pro. When online the temptation to work on another document or email is always near. When online, “hello, again Twitter, Medium, blogs…” Time for thinking more with less distraction. Writing and thinking by hand (writing) notepad and hard copy books has helped […]

Some Questions: This Lemonade

There are those questions we all ask… For instance: “of all sodas made, WHY is this one only available in 200ml and not 340ml as well?!” Perhaps this company doesn’t realize opportunity. Maybe they they make more money this way? Do all these questions matter. How deeply can or should I about this? I suppose […]

THE Best @MotherlandCo I’ve Been Too Yet

When Ingrid and I lived in Joburg I sometimes planned my work and meetings to either be at Motherland Coffee or somewhere nearby. With the move to Cape Town we’re now kinda trying to find some new cool and special places. Finding favorite coffee shops, hang out spots etc. fun! I’ve been to many Motherland […]