The Productivity Dynamic That Transcends A Diary Entry

Many have mistaken productivity for diary entry. They have reduced being productive as being able to find space in their diaries to seeing to something. Not entirely true. There is getting things done, and getting things done. You can do something and barely extract full potential of your activity. There is a way of working I’ve […]

Fatigue Of The Mind By Fatigue Of The Body

Over the last few days I’ve toyed with working on some drafts (blog posts etc). I’ve just felt too tired. It is not that my brain mind was or isn’t capable. My mind was more than willing but couldn’t escape the knock-on effect of its bearer. I’m not even sure I could call my body […]

An Important Reminder For Creators

Here’s an important reminder for creators… I’m now testing the latest iteration of Desktop Publishing Machine (DeskPM). As one of the alpha testers and get to not only discover and report bugs and stuff, but I get to go first and be a part of defining and building something significant. There’s an important message for anyone making or […]

Archaic: Determinants Of Irrelevance

It’s probably been years since I looked, well even glanced at the classifieds. What went through my mind: that some people still place ads there means there are some who read it? Some have to place ads in the classifieds because the law requires such notifications for estates to be settled. How relevant is that […]