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Why I Publish The Imperfect

If you’ve read anything I’ve written it is possible you’ve seen one way or another I could be better as writer. I’m aware I’m not the best writer there is or was. I’m also not among the best of communicators.

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Hello Day; Now To Own You!

Start of a new day. Sunrise, a mini “reset”. Hello day; time to own you. The day is already made, then we get to make the day. Not just what’s in it but what we also put in it. Not just what it does to us but we do to the day.

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What To Do With Concepts And Ideas You Can’t Execute Yet

Perhaps I’m a dreamer. Well, at least, I have moments when my creativity dominates my mind-space. It is usually in those times I’m flooded with ideas, concepts and such. We often get ideas we cannot always act on.

A few years ago I started an ideas journal of sort. Evernote is one app I’ve found immensely helpful. It enables me to capture ideas and other thoughts in an indexable and searchable way.


What Do You Do When Matty Cohen Takes Your Seat?

I was at a co-working space, Daddy.O in Woodstock, Cape Town. (They’re not paying me to say this but it’s a great space to work in). To the Matty Cohen saga. So, I got a great spot / desk.

Because I had challenges with my wi-fi code, I left my backpack on the desk and I stood up. Walking back to my, or at least what I thought was my desk, there was a WooThemes ninja, Matty Cohen!

Matty is a great guy. I hate to move him or be that whining guy we love to hate. He was engaged in an obivously scintillating conversation with another guy, all the while still sitting at my desk! So, What do you do when Matty Cohen takes your seat?

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While We’re Busy Being Experts Of Why Others Are Wrong Or Succeeding

Listening to all the disses and praise of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, reminded me of how many will never do anything significant with their lives. It has shown me how little we pay attention to history. Not in the sense of the past, but how it is being made, today.