Inviting Trouble – #2 Lesson From Defunct Blog

Life is not static. There are things within and beyond our control. It can be in our personal lives, team or organizations. Something will go wrong at some point. I’ve started sharing some of the lessons I learned or was reminded when my blog crashed not too long ago. In another post I share about […]

A Reminder Of What The Church Is Not

Every now and then a reminder needs to be issued. The Church is not a building. Neither is it programs that are run by her. The church is not how good the music or the preaching is. The church is not how much offering comes in or does not. The church is not liturgy. The church […]

Lesson #1 From A Defunct Blog – When Things Fall Apart

My blog was down a couple of weeks ago. It took about 3 days to get everything working again as it should. During that period there are some things I learned as well as reminded of. These are things I think are valuable in life and leadership. I felt challenged as I pondered the lessons… There […]

Random Thoughts On Excuses

Excuses are as old as humanity. Everyone is using them in one area or another. You’ve used them and chances are tomorrow you may use a couple without even realizing. They have become a normal part of our lives. Either we hear them, accommodate or use them. In all cases we interact with them. Here […]

When Sharing Dreams Or Goals

It matters who you share your dreams, goals or aspirations with. This means you must be well prepared for truth or perspectives that will not necessarily match yours. As difficult as it may be, it also means you need to be an objective listener and not listening only for what you want to hear but what you need to […]