The Two ‘Becomings’ You Must Be Aware Of

You have a picture for who want to be. You live in a certain level of discomfort because of the disconnect between how you see yourself now and where you would like to be. This is one of the reasons for frustration. Frustration can be healthy if it is expression between the greater you see […]

Where Are Your Ears

In the previous post I wrote about using feedback as a growth strategy. I ended the post by highlighting that feedback is not just about getting to know all the areas of your shortcomings; it is about listening and leveraging whatever you hear for your growth. (This post will be more helpful if you follow […]

What To Do When Those You Look Up To Let You Down

Sometimes we epitomise our dreams in people. We set them as our benchmarks. Though we know that everyone has flaws or shortcomings, we somehow overlook that when we look at those we highly esteem. However, when they falter or act in a way below our expectations and standards they normally have we are shocked and […]

More Space and Less Things

I enjoy spending time with Ingrid. (Just as well, she’s my wife! :)) Counting the number of conversations we’ve had would be a futile exercise. A few days ago we spoke briefly about space and things in our home. It was not a long conversation but, for me, turns out to be one that I […]

St Thomas Aquinas’ Prayer

One’s prayer life is often a great indicator of how their walk is. Shallow relationship with God is often a product of a lack of prayer. Intimacy with God is often a product of prayer. The quality of prayers (for a lack of a better terms) is indicative of where we are in our walk […]