How Different; Really?

There is an inherent desire in us to be distinct, to stand out. There’s something ‘uncool’ about being a copy of another. Something interesting, though, is that we sometimes feel we’re different from our competition or those around us because we are doing something new and unique that someone else or another enterprise is already […]

What Does It Mean?

We’re consuming more information than we ever did. Largely due to the fact that it is getting easier and easier to create and share. Information is increasingly more accessible. Successful leaders know information is important. The challenge, however, is identifying which information is relevant. Perhaps more than that, which information is important now? Which information […]

When Others Pass Judgment On You

Not too long ago I wrote a post about what to consider before you pass judgement or critique. Since that post, I’ve had numerous requests to consider writing about being on the receiving end of ‘judgement’ or critique. Existence is enough reason to make you candidate for being judged or critiqued. I say this often […]

Making Vision Stick [Excerpt]

I consider myself an avid reader. I also try to read very broadly to help me grow. I read books, blogs and tweets from people that don’t think like me. The excerpt below is from Andy Stanley’s book on vision, “Making Vision Stick“. An easy read that highlights the importance of keep vision out in […]

Which Leadership Style is Best?

Not all people are the same. Leaders are also people and, as a result, are also not the same. Every leader has a different personality, worldview and disposition on different things. The common thing to all leaders is that they exist to lead [Click to Tweet] That is why¬†they are there. This leaves how to […]