Slowing Down and Appreciating The Spectacular

I saw this video from Dumt & Farligt, a Dansih TV show, where the footage was slowed down to 2,500 frames per second. Some of the subjects they chose were a little random but interesting to see at that speed. Check out the video and catch my thoughts after and please do share some of […]

Why You Must Respect Your Work

Doing something repetitively can be enabling force in getting better at whatever you do. On the other hand, if we are not careful the same repetition can be seeds for apathy. Repetition is not a bad thing in itself; it is how we manage the times of iteration. Apathy is not the only possible fruit […]

Reflections From We Run Jozi – Part One (The Crowd)

I will be doing a series from my experience(s) and reflection from Nike’s We Run Jozi. Subscribe by email or RSS to ensure you don’t miss a post in this series ;-) Running a long distance race has always been one of those dreams I’ve had. After my experience I now have a better idea. […]

Grieving A Dream?

Grief is not an easy thing. While we all may grieve, they don’t grieve the same. We grieve the loss of loved ones, but that is not the only thing we grieve. We grieve everything dear to us. Things that matter to us impact us greatly when they come into our lives and, sadly when […]

The Relevance of Information

Information is necessary for leadership in decision-making. Leading without relevant information is like fighting in the dark. The challenges of the relevance of information. Sometimes leaders have enough information to make decisions, though, most of the time leaders feel like they never have enough.