Geoffrey Moore

Innovators and Early Adopters — are visionaries. They want revolutionary change, something that sets them apart qualitatively from their competitors. They are willing to take enormous risks. The early majority by contrast, have to worry about any change fitting into their complex arrangement of suppliers and distributors. “If the goal of visionaries is to make… Continue reading Geoffrey Moore

Management, the Demise of Leadership [An Excerpt]

One critical mistake that most organisations make is that their leaders usually just deteriorate into managers. This means that leaders get more concerned about maintaining the status quo and, as long as nothing much is changing in the organisation, they behave like the proverbial ostrich and prefer to believe that the situation with the market… Continue reading Management, the Demise of Leadership [An Excerpt]

Making Vision Stick [Excerpt]

I consider myself an avid reader. I also try to read very broadly to help me grow. I read books, blogs and tweets from people that don’t think like me. The excerpt below is from Andy Stanley’s book on vision, “Making Vision Stick“. An easy read that highlights the importance of keep vision out in… Continue reading Making Vision Stick [Excerpt]