Views and Vantage Points

vantage points allow us to have a holistic view. in dealing with anything we must always consider the possible vantage points. it is only when we step out of the painting, to stop being a part of it, sometimes for a moment, do we appreciate all its elements. once we appreciate the view from the […]

Great Leaders Don’t Do What They Can Do

Many organizations are failing because they are bloated with leaders who are doing what they can do. Some leaders don’t lead anymore; they’re repeating what they know and are comfortable in.¬†They are managing their comfort and familiarity. In such instances the role of leadership is misunderstood and undermined. Leadership is about moving forward. Managing systems […]

Communication | Leading A Frustrated Team [Part 6]

This is post number six in the series on leading frustrated teams. Leaders are proved in times of unrest. Captains are tested by stormy seas and disgruntled crews. You haven’t led until you’ve led in times of unrest. Unrest in the environment your enterprise works and unrest with your team. To effectively lead a frustrated […]

Two Questions | Why You Must Love Obscurity

Obscurity can feel like a curse. In a sense it is. The thing is, whatever we create, we create with the intention of making some sort of difference. Whether you’re a creative or leader, nothing you ever create will make a difference unless you release to do so. This means letting your work out. It […]