5 of 9 Ways To Guarantee Your Failure (Part 2)

I shared 4 of 9 ways to guarantee your failure yesterday… here are the rest of the 9  ways to secure your failure!

  1. Don’t set milestones and celebrate achievements. A goal will be more achievable when you set smaller steps or milestones. Milestones can be celebration points that help you realize how far you’ve come and how much further to go. When teams, leaders and people in general don’t celebrate or acknowledge progress they can easily get  despondent.
  2. Allow past failures to be an inhibiting and not liberating force.
  3. Always hang out with people that talk about why it can’t be done. You strengthen what you echo. What you constantly listen to will affect your outlook. This group of people is normally a gathering of those that aren’t doing or haven’t tried anything themselves!
  4. Hang out with those who criticize the doers. There are times I’ve been around people that always find something to criticize in other people’s attempts. Eventually, when it was my turn to act, I was afraid about what the same people would say about me and my attempts or methods. (also see number 3)
  5. Do everything solo. When you do everything on your own, especially in areas of your ignorance and ineptitude success is far from guaranteed!

4 of 9 Ways To Guarantee Your Failure (Part 1)

Here are four of nine ways to guarantee failure… In some cases one item can guarantee but often, it’s a normally a ‘concoction’ of a couple of them…

  1. Do nothing! No matter how good your plans or vision or goals are, nothing will guarantee them not being realized than inactivity. This can be brought by just being lazy or procrastination. Rule number one to failing – don’t do anything! Perfectionists are often the greatest causalities in this area. Waiting for something to be ‘perfect’  before they can make forward movement or waiting for the perfect conditions to act. The truth is there will always be some condition that can be better. Embrace that perfection is a process and journey embarked on, not a destination.
  2. Procrastination is not only a thief of time, but a thief of success and progress. Always pushing things to be done in the future can can rob you of possible opportunities. Some moments may not come again or you may not be able to get the same impact or results another time.
  3. Always cower in the face of risk. I’m not advocating for reckless risk taking but playing it safe will definitely not guarantee success! If you’re going to be successful you will need to take risks at some point! An element of risk makes up the formula of success.
  4. Listen to everybody. The fact that ‘everyone’ can share an opinion with you doesn’t mean you have to follow it. What is relevant to you and what will add to you advancing. I like what Bill Cosby said;  “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody”

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Letter To My Leaders – Never Scared?

I thought I’d share one of the letters I wrote to some of the young leaders I serve with…

Am sure you know that Joshua succeeded Moses… Imagine succeeding Moses! A leader who (boldly) faced one of the most feared and powerful leaders of a particular time in history. A leader who led 3 million whining, complaining and ungrateful people. Imagine following after someone who walked with such humility that God himself would commend his humility as never ever attained, let alone surpassed! Imagine following after a leader who had immense respect for that the thought of even walking in their shoes would seem somewhat “sacrilegious”. (Not that I’m completely aware of Joshua’s sentiments, as just merely trying to picture what his disposition was). Am sure you will emphatically agree, it would be indeed an extremely tough act to follow!

When I think of all the things I’ve just highlighted, it doesn’t surprise me that one of the things God ensured established early, as a key ingredient, in his leadership was courage. The very nature of leadership demands it. It takes courage to lead others (and sometimes including yourself) to uncharted or unfamiliar territory. It takes courage to be in a place where your vision and your plans are in the open for all to see and challenge. It takes courage to live in the space of such vulnerability. It takes courage to live and accept responsibility for lives either than your own. It takes courage for you to be in a place where you hear from God for the sake of other lives besides your own. Especially challenging at those times when you struggle to hear God for yourself! Courage, courage, courage! My encouragement to you for today is:

  • Don’t be afraid to lead.
  • Don’t be afraid to do and or say what God is saying to you. You stand to lose more as an individual and a team when you go with your fear than what God requires of you.
  • Not every leader got everything right all the first time or all the time. You will make mistakes. Let this fact be liberating and not inhibiting. The worst mistake you could do is not respond when you should.
  • Seek the wisdom of those that have gone before. You don’t need to know every thing.
  • And, also very important… Draw your confidence as you lead from God by cultivating your relationship with Him.
Strength! Courage! You are going to lead this people to inherit the land that I promised to give their ancestors – Joshua 1:5 (The Message)
What would you do if you were absolutely confident God was with you? – Pete Wilson

11 Reasons Why I Follow & Read Blogs


  1. I’m always hungry to grow. Investing in enlarging one’s capacity is never a wasted investment. Significant growth is often with the help or contribution of others. When we close ourselves to listening to others we miss out on opportunities of growth.
  2. I just love seeing ideas develop. In fact, one of the blogs I read often is the author of A Million Miles In A Thousand Days and Blue Like Jazz, Donald Miller’s. He has a tag-line on his blog, “Before it becomes a book, it all gets tested here. Forgive the rough patches. Here is the writing in process”. I like it. Blogs allow me to ‘hear’ the musings of some of my favorite authors as they develop new work.
  3. They’re easily accessible. Need I say more?
  4. They help me save money mainly in two ways. Some blogs write on specific subjects e.g. testing and publishing comparisons on two competing products. Thus help me in decision-making. I really like books. This brings me to the second way blogs save me money. I can make a more informed decision on whether I would enjoy reading the work of a particular author. You guessed it. I’m more likely to buy an author I’m not familiar with if I can read her blog first. You want me to buy your book?
  5. I also read blogs from people who share totally different views with me. This helps refine my thinking. One of the reasons people fail is that they never allow their perspective to be challenged enough! It also saves me making a fool of myself on bigger platforms.
  6. Blog posts are generally not lengthy. They come in bite sizes, and a good source of reading when the ‘tomes’ feel a little intimidating. When am not intensely reading books I’m intensely reading blog posts on diverse areas of interest.
  7. I’ve realized that some authors are less formal when they blog. I like the more informal tones when it comes to reading and blogs generally provides that. Information presented in an easy to assimilate way. Some bloggers incorporate other media e.g. video tutorials etc
  8. I particularly enjoy where the blogger engages comments in a healthy manner. I’ve seen blog posts become even more insightful as people comment, interacting with the blogger and each other. In cases of specialized subjects, blogs help bring more than one expert’s opinion and side of the story when they do engage.
  9. I would like to be a great blogger and writer in general and want to see how others do it.
  10. Some writers continue to dig deeper on chosen subjects after publishing some of their work. Reading their blogs gives me their more current findings and thoughts on chosen subjects.
  11. I like that I get to see some authors I respect waffle sometimes. I find it very liberating! There’s hope for me! :-)


Hi All,

Just a quick note… Thanks for either getting in touch or writing… my bad, am still away until next week (technically the end of May (2011)… I’ve been on a break. My apologies. I realize I only informed some and left others out of the loop. (Will be back with some content am currently working on etc)