More Than Logo; Understanding And Translating Your Brand

Don’t mistake logo for brand.¬†Your logo is not your brand. It is only a part of your brand. It is a representation of who you are. More like the hairstyle you wear that sets you apart from other people. It is your dress style and your walk that your friends use to spot you from […]

Boldly Be; A Secret To Brand Loyalty

People love brands for different reasons. Like the old saying goes, “Different strokes for different folks”. People have their reasons for preferring brands to others. The biggest reason people love the brands they do, is because they are a reflection of something about them or something they aspire to. If your favorite brand were a […]

Make It Obvious

Leadership is not overrated. Don’t believe or even listen to anyone who tells you less. Leaders and the roles they play are necessary. Without leadership in the sense and in practice, a lot falls apart. In fact, organizations start falling apart at leadership level before getting undone anywhere else. This is because leadership holds everything […]