Wind And Sails In Life And Leadership

I’ve never sailed. You know, as in take a vessel out on water and navigate it myself. I was allowed to drive / steer a fishing boat on Lake Kariba when I was twelve. But that was it. I don’t even know if I’ve used wrong terms or whatever… This isn’t my forte hence the […]

Contradicting Excuses [#DP365]

Saw this at a blood donation stall at the mall. The irony! Got me thinking about how we sometimes contradict ourselves in our excuses. In fact, those contradicting excuses are about convenience. They’re more about given in to resistance; not wanting to do what it takes to get what we say we want to get. […]

Books I Read In 2013

Reading is one way of getting knowledge or wisdom without going through some of the things others have. I read as an important part of my personal growth. Whether blogs or books, I’m generally suspect of anyone, leaders in particular, that don’t read as part of their growth regimen. I thought I’d share some of […]