Building A Culture Of Innovation | FAILURE

Failure is a strong foundation for the culture of innovation. Without failure we you never know what does not work. It is not just about bouncing back from failure it is about embracing failure. Pushing anything beyond the known means fumbling. When babies learn to walk they will fall. They can only get better at […]

How Predictable Leaders Empower Teams

One of the best gifts leaders can give their teams is predictability. Being predictable leaders has connotations of being bland and boring for some. This is because they don’t understand it and the contexts it should apply. Predictability is a way of giving responsibility to your team. When there are recurring situations and you make […]

Things That Cannot Be Separated From Leading

Some things just go together. And, you cannot expect to lead without encountering some things. There are some leadership components that are not removable add-ons. You are guaranteed to have them. Period. Leaders cannot escape taking responsibility for their vision and teams. They also don’t have the luxury of placing the blame for their team’s […]

How Bad Followers Make Great Leadership Development Resource

Leadership is about influencing people toward making a vision a reality. It involves innumerable dynamics. One of the greatest, if not the greatest dynamic, is the human one. As much as leaders are not perfect, so are followers. Every leader has at least one ‘bad follower’ at a certain time or all the time.