Leaders: Brand Reputation Lines of Offence And Defence

Your brand or organisation’s reputation is integral to its fate. I’ve written about how your “products”, whatever they are, are critical components for a healthy reputation. In the mix are leaders. Leaders have the responsibility to not only express and embody their enterprise’s brand to those they lead, in their enterprise, but also to the world. […]

Not Always Others’ Faults

Parsley just can’t understand why I’m upset with her and don’t want her in the house. She’s probably wondering what’s wrong with me and why I’m, “being so mean”. Lesson: before we blame other people for how they act toward us, we must first check ourselves.

The Privilege Of Leading

When was the last time you heard that phrase; “The Privilege Of Leading”? Have you ever? Leaders do get a platform when they champion a cause. For that reason they will get attention. Unfortunately, in the midst of that it becomes easy to get what leadership means a little mixed up. Our celebrity culture doesn’t […]

This Is What Makes Thought Leaders, Thought Leaders

Being a thought leader, or being regarded as one, is not an overnight journey. It requires dedication and fanatic, insane passion and discipline in a particular discipline. Crazy focus. I’m not a thought leader. I hope to be, someday. I wondered what it takes to be a thought leader, so I posed the question to Michael […]