For The Sake Of The Cause

The by-product of pursuing your cause and rallying people behind it is attention. There will always be more people than you think, watching you. Every now and then, those watching (or stalking, if you are ever so lucky) you will be made or will make themselves clearly visible. For the sake of the cause the audience or crowd cannot matter too much.

Leadership Vision

Not Sacred

By leading change, you create the future. Thus, leaders are always in the future. They walk in the present yet in the future at the same time. In order to get to the future, systems and many other mechanisms are created.

Make no mistake, every system and tool that is developed is not always necessary. Sometimes systems and strategies used are seasonal. Some will be more effective than other systems over time. Others will last a shorter time.


Status Quo Leadership

‘Status quo leadership’ is about carefully keeping everything neat and as it is. It is about doing anything not to upset the way things are and nothing to change them.

A leader who does this is practicing, for lack of a better term, ‘status quo leadership’. “Lack of a better term” because it is not leadership. The most obvious sign of a status quo leader is one who is always defensive about things being changed.

Leadership Self Leadership


Followers naturally respond better to bold statements, decisions and actions compared to indecisiveness. Supporters you cause are accelerators. As easily as they can help build momentum for the cause you lead, a lack of boldness can make them part of the machinery that destroys your momentum, discrediting your leadership and ultimately the cause.


Introduction To Leadership Heretic

This is the first introduction to leadership heretic. Thus it is proper to kick off the movement here by defining “heretic” and more importantly in the context of “leadership heretic”. The definition of leadership heretic in this post is not comprehensive. Thus “leadership heretic”, its pertinent attributes and its implications will be the core to the community here, and ongoing.

/ˈherətik/ [Heretic]:
  • anyone who does not conform to an established attitude, doctrine, or principle (cf.)
  • one who dissents from an accepted belief or doctrine (cf.)
  • Someone whose beliefs and actions go against institutional orthodoxy, an established system or upsets a status quo (cf.)

A heretic is one that sees the status-quo as no place to inhabit but a mere transit point. His / her philosophy is that there is still greater to be done. It is those that dissent from the norm to transform their worlds.

Heretics are constantly challenging convention, not out of spite, but out of desire to change their world and the world at large for the greater. A leadership heretic is one that does not bow to convention or settle for what they have been taught about leadership. The leadership heretic embarks on a journey to redefine the present to create a future that is drastically different from the present. Significantly greater.

Another way to put it, a leadership heretic is one that initiates, leads and facilitates a rebellion against the status quo, shattering it for the greater. Creating a platform for innovation.

This movement is about heretics spurring each other on. Blog posts are simply to challenge heretics to dare in driving radical change and activating pertinent conversations. Leadership heretics are characterized by savage resolve in causing change.

History celebrates heretics; the ones who challenged widely accepted deductions. The likes of Ferdinand Magellan who did not let the generally accepted deduction that the earth was flat, get in the way of the first circumnavigation of the earth. Magellan and his crew’s daring first sail around the world shattered the status quo or belief of the day, laying a foundation for the world to become a village.

Every leader has a heretic in them. Thus, every leader has the potential for great innovation. The problem with most leaders is they suppress the heretic in them. Never overlook the simple fact that by your heretic leadership you could redefine history in ways you could never fathom.

Perhaps hundreds of years later. An awesome thing about history is that it is still being written. You still have a legacy to write. I dare you, that the legacy you write is one of a heretic, leadership heretic.

Question: What have you allowed to inhibit the heretic in you? Be that heretic. Speak UP.