I Also Blog For Your Greatness

I also blog for your greatness. This sounds rather arrogant. But it isn’t. One of the things that bloggers in the recent past have done is preach the message of “blogging for themselves”. I’ve done some of that. I’ve spoken about blogging for myself. Not a lot, but strongly. (Check out that post here.)

Leadership Is More Than Being In Charge

When I said, “leadership is more than being in charge”, someone asked for a definition of leadership. The definition of leadership and what exactly it entails has riddled many who’ve tried to define it to the dot… There are very few things that can be defined right down to the last iota. There are some […]

Breaking News: Opinion Shortage

“Breaking News: Opinion Shortage”. That is one headline you are never going to see. Whether articulated, logical, lame or baseless everyone has one. An opinion that is. We can all, at least, claim to think something about anything. Opinions can be both damaging and uplifting, regardless of their source. We can have opinions about ourselves […]

Some Questions: This Lemonade

There are those questions we all ask… For instance: “of all sodas made, WHY is this one only available in 200ml and not 340ml as well?!” Perhaps this company doesn’t realize opportunity. Maybe they they make more money this way? Do all these questions matter. How deeply can or should I about this? I suppose […]