A Different Kind Of Lovely Weather

After what seems to be endless blue sky days, this! Somehow I’m loving the weather this morning. It could just be because it’s cooler. Some rain would be very welcome too. I thought his was bad weather but change my mind. I’ve just decided it is a different kind of lovely weather

You’ve Been Made Blind By Pride When

There’s the adage, “pride comes before a fall”. It is true. The sad thing about it, is that often people don’t realise that they’ve been made blind by pride. Pride can make you blind to the fact that you’re about to fall. In fact pride makes you blind to the fact that you are proud […]

Restoring An Appreciation For The Familiar

How’s that for restoring an appreciation for the familiar? A brilliant video by IKEA ripping off Apple, of course, while effectively restoring appreciation for a catalogue. Of all things, a catalogue. Well thought out and executed. Some things don’t deteriorate in value. Their value is lost in perspective. it is how you help people see the […]

Living And Leading In “No Longer, But Not Yet”

Living and leading in “no longer, but not yet” is most liberating. In fact that is how we ought to live and lead. Speaks of identity, character, vision and on the overall, mission. “No longer, but not yet” is the epitome of a journey. In many ways, I haven’t arrived. As a leader, I still a […]

What To Do When You’ve Missed A Great Opportunity To Teach

I’m always looking for opportunities to teach. As a leader, I do my best to make sure that I include deliberate moments of teaching those I lead. I’m always teaching. Those I lead are learning from me. My interactions with people and decisions I’m making are lessons for the teams I lead. To be effective as […]