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More Than Five Reasons Your Team Is Frustrated With Your Leadership

A leader often has to deal with many dynamics in managing her team. It could be apathy. (Which I have written about in the past here.)   Another challenge a leader may have to deal with is a frustrated team. Leadership can be the cause of frustration for their team, hence the importance of identifying […]


In Mozambique

Hi, Just a quick note… (I’m writing this with limited power & in haste… forgive me if some of it may not make sense) I’m in Mozambique at moment. I’m privileged together with Ingrid, my wife, to take a group of young people to go serve in a somewhat remote area in Mozambique, called Xai […]

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Challenges Make The Win Sweeter

For the last few Mondays I’ve shared lessons from the road and squash court. For some reason that is where I seem to find myself  in reflection almost effortlessly. Perhaps the reason it is those two places is it is in those moments I disconnect from the usual bustle. Have you noticed places where you easily can […]