What Does It Mean?

We’re consuming more information than we ever did. Largely due to the fact that it is getting easier and easier to create and share. Information is increasingly more accessible. Successful leaders know information is important. The challenge, however, is identifying which information is relevant. Perhaps more than that, which information is important now? Which information …

Slowing Down and Appreciating The Spectacular

I saw this video from Dumt & Farligt, a Dansih TV show, where the footage was slowed down to 2,500 frames per second. Some of the subjects they chose were a little random but interesting to see at that speed. Check out the video and catch my thoughts after and please do share some of …


Followers naturally respond better to bold statements, decisions and actions compared to indecisiveness. Supporters you cause are accelerators. As easily as they can help build momentum for the cause you lead, a lack of boldness can make them part of the machinery that destroys your momentum, discrediting your leadership and ultimately the cause.

The Relevance of Information

Information is necessary for leadership in decision-making. Leading without relevant information is like fighting in the dark. The challenges of the relevance of information. Sometimes leaders have enough information to make decisions, though, most of the time leaders feel like they never have enough.

When Teams and Leadership Do Not See the Same – Part 2

In the previous post (part 1), I wrote about what leadership should do when the team and leadership do not see the same issues as pertinent or most pressing. It is easy for teams to end up feeling the victims of leaders’ decisions if the leaders are not careful in how they manage the different views. While leadership …