Leadership And The “R” Word

From my 13th right up to my 21st birthday there was one word that my dad always repeated. I hated the “speeches” but they were true. They were not only true in one area of life but applies across the board. One word that my dad always repeated and spoke about was… #drum roll#: RESPONSIBILITY. […]

What To Consider When You Appoint Caretaker / Interim Leadership

I wrote a post, “Why You Should Never Appoint Caretaker / Interim Leaders” that explored some reasons why caretaker or interim leaders may not be a great for the long-term of your enterprise. However, Michael made a valid point in commenting, that sometimes leadership finds itself with its back against the wall. Thus in instances […]

3 Reasons You Must Acknowledge Your Shortcomings

Everyone has shortcomings. Leaders aren’t excused. Being in a leadership role magnifies both your strengths and shortcomings. Leader, the platform of leadership magnifies who you are. Not all leaders know how to acknowledge their shortcomings. Some leaders do not acknowledge their shortcomings, as they want to be seen as perfect. Wanting others to see us […]

How Different; Really?

There is an inherent desire in us to be distinct, to stand out. There’s something ‘uncool’ about being a copy of another. Something interesting, though, is that we sometimes feel we’re different from our competition or those around us because we are doing something new and unique that someone else or another enterprise is already […]