The Longer You Take…

It is generally accepted wisdom not to rush into anything. It is also important take time to understand the options and implications before committing to any course of action. I actually encourage people not to rush into anything because it seems a great idea at first glance. Then there are the instances where the longer […]

Creativity Killers And Dealing With Them

Everyone goes through this now and then. There are times you’re just a creativity bank and everyone gets ideas from you. Then there are those other times we all hate – when it seems we don’t even have an ounce of creativity. These are some of the things that I’ve seen kill creativity…

Rules, Policies & Culture

Rules, policies and organizational culture define organizations. They determine the environment within and the subsequent product or service delivery from them. Rules policies are often the result of efforts to govern people’s actions and systems. They are necessary. Organizational culture is developed over time. Not everything that ends up a part of an organization’s culture […]

5 Reasons You Get Overwhelmed

We’ve all been there. Some of us are there. And, at some point we’re all going to get there again. I mean that place of being overwhelmed. Bill Hybels in his talk at the 2011 global leadership summit, highlighted three levels of challenge. Namely, under-challenged, appropriately challenged and dangerously over challenged. It is at the place […]

My Conference Attendance Manifesto

I’ve attended so many conferences I’ve lost count. So much that I’ve now come up with my conference attendance manifesto. I’ve accumulated enough notebooks for a library of tomes of my own. I admit with every conference I attend, there’s a subconscious me that thinks through the theme and actual content delivered. I contemplate the relevance of the conference […]