Starting Your Day For Productivity

It matters how you start your day. Your productivity depends on it! I have a couple of things I’ve learned about myself that may be helpful for you too. Sleep in: It sounds counterproductive but it really isn’t. I got this from a talk, “Dead Leader Running”, by Wayne Cordeiro at one of the Willow […]

The Underrated Problem Solving Tool

Problem solving is a normal part of leadership and life. Challenges are inevitable and how we deal with them always becomes a part of our legacy. People are paid to solve problems. If we act wisely, when we cannot solve them we seek out those who can. We all approach problem solving based on worldview, […]

Which “What If?”

Projects, initiatives, causes and ideas all have a life span. The ultimate determinant of the life span is with those that bear them; the ones who drive the project or idea. A project or idea has no longevity apart from a champion. One can easily be both the champion and undertaker of a dream or […]

Which Battle?

I’ve discovered that many people participate in competitions for different reasons. Not everyone is competing for the same prize. Some were willing to settle with making it to certain stages of the tournament. I think it is sad that while all could aspire to win the main prize, some were only glad to settle for […]

How People Stop Caring About What Matters

I recently had a conversation about how people care about different things. About what made one thing important for one and not another. Another question about how people stop caring about what matters came up. For everything you care about you have an expression. You express how you care about your spouse by providing and […]