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5 of 9 Ways To Guarantee Your Failure (Part 2)

I shared 4 of 9 ways to guarantee your failure yesterday… here are the rest of the 9  ways to secure your failure! Don’t set milestones and celebrate achievements. A goal will be more achievable when you set smaller steps or milestones. Milestones can be celebration points that help you realize how far you’ve come […]

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4 of 9 Ways To Guarantee Your Failure (Part 1)

Here are four of nine ways to guarantee failure… In some cases one item can guarantee but often, it’s a normally a ‘concoction’ of a couple of them… Do nothing! No matter how good your plans or vision or goals are, nothing will guarantee them not being realized than inactivity. This can be brought by […]

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Letter To My Leaders – Never Scared?

I thought I’d share one of the letters I wrote to some of the young leaders I serve with… Am sure you know that Joshua succeeded Moses… Imagine succeeding Moses! A leader who (boldly) faced one of the most feared and powerful leaders of a particular time in history. A leader who led 3 million […]

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Who’s Glory Is It Anyway?!

Our true motives for doing thing often surface when it is time for credits… How much they mean to us is often a window into the “why” we do things. I think John the Baptist was clear on why he did what he did and never lost sight of it. 7-8As he preached he said, […]

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The Speed Of ‘Destruction’

I was just thinking about a visit I took to a city I love. As I looked at how the city had changed, I compared the images in the city to the ones that were lodged in my mind since I was last there. What I saw saddened me. The grass overgrown yet it used to […]