Making Peace With What You’re Not | Comparison [Part 1]

“Never lie and tell the truth [sic].” Those are the words of my grandmother. So, I’m not going to lie… Sometimes I wrestle with what I am not. Sometimes I feel like what I’m doing and everything I’ve done is nothing. Air. When it happens, it is usually after I encounter people I consider to […]

What To Say To and Do For Those You’ve Let Down

I’ve written about what to do when those you look up to let you down. With that numerous requests have come in asking what one should say to those he has let down. The incessant requests now push me to ignore my reluctance.

The Grading Tango | Honest

Everyone will have a perception about your abilities. Sometimes they’re unfounded. Some are accurate… you know the rest… We have an idea of our capabilities and we’d like those around us to be as accurate as possible in their asses them. The truth is sometimes we really want people to see our capabilities as higher […]

How To Ask Great Questions for Great Learning (Part 1)

Questions are a great medium of learning. Great students love and understand the importance of questions. Leaders who do not have appreciation for questions, especially directed at them miss out on opportunities to communicate values and vision to their team. The mark of great students and leaders is not only being able to answer questions […]

What To Do When Those You Look Up To Let You Down

Sometimes we epitomise our dreams in people. We set them as our benchmarks. Though we know that everyone has flaws or shortcomings, we somehow overlook that when we look at those we highly esteem. However, when they falter or act in a way below our expectations and standards they normally have we are shocked and […]