Bragging? | Confessions

Leadership is cool. Lousy opening line, right? I like leading. That’s just how I’m wired. I’m as comfortable with my own company as I am at the “helm”. I know how to play with others too… Just in case you were starting to think what I saying is I can’t follow or be in a […]

Unlocking Another Complexity / Dynamic In Teams And Leadership

Everyone is “special” in his or her own kind of way. Leading and making teams work means taking into account connect with individuals. Great leaders are ones who understand how to connect and speak to each person on their team. One of the first dynamics is individuality. Not everyone you lead understands things the same. […]

Accountability | Dealing With Frustration As A Leader

Leaders who cannot manage frustration are ineffective. No one wants to follow them. One of the least attractive leaders is a tantrum bomb of a leader. A leader’s ability to address frustration in his teams and manage his own is critical for high intensity and performance environments. Leaders who manage frustration well are more likely […]

Team And Organisational Death By Silent Protest

People protest. Having spoken to friends in the past, and recently, it is clearer to me the kinds of protests people make. I’m talking about what people do or say when they’re unhappy with the service a business or organisation offers. It also includes when people are unhappy about something in the teams and organisations they […]

A Kryptonite For Leaders And Organizations

I’m a fan of obvious. I even did an entire post about why leaders need to make things obvious. Cool. Right? Yes. The reason I like obvious is because it is, well obvious. Not only that, it is way better and cooler than ambiguous. In case you’re still not sure: Ambiguity is an enemy to […]