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Why Your Ability Or Capacity Is Not Reason Enough To Do Something

Because you have capacity or the ability to do something doesn’t mean you must do it. It is not always reason enough to do something. Abilities and or capacity are mere indicators of possibility not explicit demand for action.

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“It’s Never Us”; The Death Of Integrity And All That’s Right

There has never been a time in history that leaders have been this under scrutiny. Information technology has undermined privacy to the benefit of the masses, in some regard. Scandalous dealings are unveiling and broadcasted to the entire world almost immediately. Political leaders and celebrities already have the attention of many. Social media magnifies their […]


Leading Teams That Are Far From You

I’ve been privileged to lead teams in varied contexts each context has demanded a different kind of leadership and strategy. Of course, there are some universal / crossover principles that were / are relevant in all. Back to the contexts of leadership… One of the most unique contexts of leadership I had for about three years […]

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Cost and Value Mismatch

Cost and value. These two are related but often mistaken for each other. The cost of something has to do with what it takes to attain or posses it. Value has to do with its worth. Cost doesn’t determine value per se. Both are very subjective. One of the main reasons is that value is […]

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Sixty Caution Potholes – Message Overload

I’m a student of communication in leadership (& yes, life too). There is more than one message I get from this photo I took. The thing is, there is the speed limit sign and a mistake they made was add another message, causing “message overload”. “Message overload guarantees a level of distortion in the messages […]